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In middle school, students face new personal and academic challenges. Students must deal with multiple classes and teachers, juggling due dates and preparing for standardized tests. Plus, they must manage all this while learning to develop homework strategies, take responsibility for their grades and cultivate passions — that’s a lot to keep track of at once.

At Success by Design, our middle school student planner meets the unique personal and developmental needs of students in grades six through eight. Purchasing on behalf of your school or district? Submit your order via the checkout feature and include your PO number (if applicable). You can also view our W-9 and Sole Source Letter here. If you have additional questions, our team is happy to help!

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Middle School Student Planner

About Our Middle School Assignment Planners

Junior high school is a time of personal and academic challenges for many students. Unlike elementary school, students in middle school must juggle multiple classes, manage various due dates and prepare for standardized tests. In addition to in-school responsibilities, students are starting to develop homework strategies, learning how to take responsibility for their grades and discovering their passions through extracurricular activities.

One of the best ways for learners of any age to stay organized is with a homework planner. At Success by Design, we understand the unique needs of middle school students and offer comprehensive planner options to help students stay on top of their personal and academic responsibilities. 

Features of Our School Planners for Middle School

Each spiral-bound student planner features a durable cover and includes a quick reference guide. We tailor our planners to student's cognitive stage and offer two themes for students aged 10 to 14:

  • Prepare. Excel. Succeed.: With weekly vocabulary words, test questions and an area to plan after-school activities, the simple layout of our Prepare. Excel. Succeed. planner allows learners to manage their time effectively. Your students can use our printed planner to develop the necessary skills for content mastery.
  • Plan Better, Live Boldly.: Our Plan Better, Live Boldly. planner helps students develop good character through pages dedicated to valuable character traits and the importance of developing good behavior. When students get an in-depth look at these character traits, they gain the confidence to apply these skills in their daily life.

Middle school is a time for students to become more independent and start planning for the future. All of our middle school student planners also include the following features to help your learners develop critical thinking and time management skills:

  • Dated and undated pages
  • Goal setting pages
  • Durable spiral binding
  • Goal setting sections

Customization Options

Get your students excited about using their planners by customizing your order to match your school's culture. Choose from school, STEM and religious imprint covers or have your cover showcase school spirit by displaying your school colors, motto or mascot. You can also further customize your middle school agenda books by adding the following features:

Supplemental Items

To further enhance your middle school assignment planners, you have the option to add supplemental items such as:

When you add these inserts, your students can easily access essential information and recourses to achieve academic success.

Stay Organized With The Best Planners for Middle School Students From Success by Design

As an administrator, you must help your students stay on track to achieve academic success. At Success by Design, we understand the challenges middle school students face and use this knowledge to create planners that give students the ability to focus, learn and grow.

Our student planners have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you or your students are not completely satisfied with our planners, call one of our customer service representatives and we will refund your purchase. To learn more about our planners, contact our team at 844-263-0872 today!

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