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How to Combat Bullying With Planner Inserts

Bullying is a threat to the emotional and physical safety of students at school and negatively impacts a student’s ability to learn. Educators and administrators have clear procedural interventions and investigative steps to follow once bullying has been reported, but what if schools could help stop school bullying before it starts?

Success by Design has created several academic character trait planner inserts to combat bullying. Tailored to the specific cognitive level of each student, these planner inserts encourage personal responsibility, positive behavior and character growth.

Character Trait Inserts for Academic Agendas

Experts agree the best way to address bullying is to promote positive behavior early on. Adding these character trait inserts to your assignment planner or academic diary does just that! These various character trait inserts include:

  • Elementary Character Insert: This four-page insert is designed to reinforce positive character traits that stop school bullies at a young age. Available for 8.25”x10.75” and 7”x10.75 planners, these inserts focus on six important character traits helpful in building positive interpersonal relationships. The first page emphasizes the importance of character first. After that, each page explores the attributes of caring, courage, honesty, respect, responsibility and citizenship. Adding this insert to your planner ensures students have models for positive behavior at an early age.

  • The Bully Game Insert: Success by Design recommends this planner insert for upper elementary and middle school students who may be handling bullies. During these years, students are beginning to think about abstract concepts and can understand things from different points of view. This, combined with adolescent growth spurts, causes emotional stress for students. As a result, students of this age are likely to see their classmates bullying others or being bullied. The Bully Game Insert teaches students to recognize the signs and types of bullying. It also provides steps for preventing bullying, such as identifying negative behaviors and providing solutions for helping others. This insert is available for 8.25”x10.75” and 7”x10.75 planners only.

  • High School Character Insert: For upper middle and high school students who can think-critically, we recommend adding our High School Character Insert to your agendas. This 16-page, full-color academic character trait insert covers several important characteristics for personal growth. Along with relevant definitions, this character insert includes thought-provoking texts, critical-thinking questions and both class and individual activities. Our High School Character Insert for 6”x 9” and 5.25”x8.25” planners helps stop school bullies — it’s a must-have for all character-conscious schools!

Add Planner Inserts to Stop School Bullying

Success doesn’t happen by accident, nor does a good character. You plan for it, and you nurture it. Our character trait inserts for assignment and agenda planners prepare students for a lifetime of positive behavior.

Contact Success by Design today and learn more about how our planners can help combat bullying and encourage character growth. All you have to do is contact our friendly customer service team online, or call us at (844) 263-0872.