Custom Order FAQ

Q: Is there a minimum order size to customize planners?
A: Yes, custom orders must be a minimum of 100 planners.
Q: Can I choose one of your cover designs without making it a custom order?
A: Each planner has its own stock cover, using anything other than the stock cover shown with the planner makes the order custom.
Q: How long does a custom order take?
A: Custom orders typically take 6-8 weeks to process. 
Q: What parts of the planner can I customize?
A: All of the cover spaces (front, back, and insides of the covers) are customizable. You may also add any additional pages of your own content to the front or back of the planner. We have several inserts that can be added to custom orders.
Q: Am I able to customize planner pages or the format of the planner?
A: The inside planner pages are not customizable.
Q: How do I submit our student handbook or our custom cover?
A: If you would like to add your student handbook or your own cover design, please call or email our customer service department to place your order. Files and orders can be sent to us at
Q: How much does it cost to add a handbook?
A: Handbook pages are $.03 per page per planner for all planners 5.25” X 8.25” in size and $.05 per page per planner for all other planner sizes. Since a sheet of paper is two sided, we charge in even increments (2,4,6,8, etc.).
Q: Will my materials be printed in color?
A: We print all cover materials in full color. Handbook pages are printed in black ink.
Q: Can you print my own custom planner layout?
A: Yes, we do print custom planner formats or you can build your own planner design using some of our templates. Fully customized planners are only sold in quantities of 500 or more and require a special quote.