Eco-friendly Commitement

Success by Design, Inc. Goes Green

Within our company:

It means we've saved:

  • 2,181 trees
  • 905,905 gallons of water
  • 460 cubic yards of landfill space
  • 733,218Kwh of Energy
  • 87,951 gallons of oil

Eco-friendly Student Homework Planners

When we hear educators debating about paper versus digital planners, the term “paperless classroom” comes up. There is no doubt that a ton of paper waste is produced by educational institutions. However, paper use can be purposeful in the same way technology can be pointless.

Countless studies have shown going completely paperless does not positively impact the students. Paper allows for greater flexibility and creativity for recording thoughts. The very action of writing things down enhances cognitive and language development. Also, technology lacks the tactile experience several learning styles need.

Designing Student Success One Eco-friendly Homework Planner at a Time

Don’t let the pressure to go 100% paperless leave your students behind. When you purchase a printed planner from us, you help your students develop vital organizational skills and also contribute to conserving our environment. For additional questions, contact our friendly customer service team online, or call us at (844) 263-0872. Our staff will help you find the best possible product for your students, school the environment.