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School Spirit Covers (available only on orders with a total quantity of 100 or more)

School Spirit Covers (available only on orders with a total quantity of 100 or more)

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Show School Spirit With Custom Planner Covers

Every school has a unique spirit that brings the entire school community together. From wacky spirit weeks to pep rallies before home games, chances are good your school organizes spirit activities to encourage camaraderie and unity on campus. Kindergarteners and high school seniors alike love to take part in spirit activities and show off their school pride.

But what if your students could show their school spirit all year long?

Customize Your School's Planner Covers

Our School Spirit Planner Covers put the pep in students' step! At Success By Design, we create custom school planner covers with your school's name, logo, mascot and colors. Simply type in your school name and customize the font. Then, pick your school's primary and secondary colors. Select a mascot from our library or feel free to upload an image of your school logo.

Our unique school planner designs make it easy — and fun! — to keep track of homework and plan for success each day. Your students and teachers will love organizing their day-to-day schedules in style.

Your school culture is special, so shouldn't your planner covers reflect that? We specialize in creating one-of-a-kind school planner covers tailored to your requirements.

School pride and planning for success go hand-in-hand with Success by Design's school homework planner covers.

Why Choose Printed Planners?

Most of your students and teachers probably use smartphones and other devices to plan their personal lives. In the twenty-first century, do students really benefit from physical planners? Is there a difference between taking notes on a screen and using a pencil and paper?

The answer is "yes!"

Research shows that the act of writing and organizing on paper enhances cognitive and language development. Writing down homework assignments and class notes helps students retain more information than performing the same tasks on a screen. Plus, no more valuable class time spent plugging in and charging devices!

School Planners for Lifelong Development

A planner from Success By Design isn't just a tool for keeping track of assignments. It also includes a variety of instructional and motivational content written by professional educators. From inspirational quotes to fact sheets, students have all they need at their fingertips. Planner inserts are available to encourage positive behavior and prevent bullying.

At Success By Design, we believe planning can become a foundational tool for student development in elementary school, middle school, high school and beyond.

Boost School Pride With Custom School Planner Covers

Success doesn't happen by accident. You plan for it! For over 30 years, Success By Design has been the leader in developing planners as a critical educational tool.

At Success By Design, we value the distinct culture of your school. That's why we offer a wide selection of school planners to fit your school's personality and educational needs.

Browse our variety of planner cover designs below and pick the one that will excite your students about learning and show off their school spirit.

To place a custom order of School Spirit Planner Covers, contact our friendly customer service department. We'd love to meet your specific needs with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Let's make this school year the most successful and spirited yet!

These covers are available for custom orders only.
Custom order quantities MUST TOTAL 100 or more.

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