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9 Tips to Improve Teacher and Parent Communication


Good two-way communication between families and schools is necessary for your students' success. Not surprisingly, research shows that the more communication parents and teachers share about a student, the better equipped both will be to help that student achieve success. Consider these tips to improve teacher and parent communication in your classroom.

  • Have a Plan: Let parents know what your intentions are. Make them aware you would like to work with them in order to further the development of their child. Whatever your goals are, keep them in mind when designing your plan.
  • Communicate About the Entire Classroom: This reminds parents you are responsible for more than just their student. This helps them understand that you may need to make a decision that is best for the group of students.
  • Learn Their Names: Everyone enjoys being addressed by their name. Make a point to learn the parents’ names and address them properly when greeting them.
  •  Invite Parents to Share and Listen to What They Say: Really listen. They know a whole lot about their child and every parent loves to talk about their child!
  • Lead with the Good News: Give positive feedback first when calling parents or meeting with them, especially if you have to share troubling news.
  • Ask Questions About their Child: Demonstrate an interest in knowing the student. This will show parents that you truly care for their child.
  • Let Parents Know How They Can Help: Most times parents are willing to help, but do not know how to. Give parents different options of how they can help – some parents may not be able to come to school to volunteer, but still want to help.
  • Tell the parents what their child is studying: Many times students may not share what is going on at school with their parents. Send home information on what the class is studying or working on. Parents that feel involved will be more engaged.
  • Thank Parents:  Make sure to show your appreciation. Recognize what they do to help your class and how it's impacting students.
Implementing these tips will establish strong communication between the partnership between the teachers and parents.  Success by Design wants to help develop this partnership and our planners can make that happen. The use of our student planners are a perfect way for parents and teachers to stay in constant communication. We offer a full spectrum of planners, most with an area for parent/teacher communication. Let us help make the partnership between teachers and parents stronger, contact us today.

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