What You Should Know When Buying Student Planners in Bulk

At Success by Design, we understand how important it is for educators to find the right tools for student success. When it comes to buying materials in bulk, teachers and campus administrators feel the weight of that responsibility twice over. No one wants to spend their limited resources on a product their students are just going to set aside.

Rest assured in your decision when you buy student planners in bulk from Success by Design. Together, we’ll help instill healthy study habits, transforming your students into lifelong learners.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bulk School Planners

Educators often have questions about buying student planners in bulk. Some of the frequently asked questions we receive are:

Why buy printed student planners?
By investing in printed student planners, you are investing in your students’ success. We even have the research to support our claim! According to several studies, printed planners provide students with the tactile experience required for cognitive growth and language development. Not to mention, printed planners don’t need to be charged and are virus free.

Which planner is right for my school?
At Success by Design, Inc., we value the unique personality of each campus and student. Whether religious, character driven, or environmentally conscious, Success by Design has a planner for you. Browse our selection for your perfect bulk order of student planners, tailored to your students’ cognitive level and campus values.

What is your return policy?
It is our goal to exceed your expectations in both product quality and service. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, we’ll either replace or refund your order.

Can I customize my bulk student planner order?
We offer campuses the ability to tailor student planners in bulk for their individual needs. Covers are easily customized to highlight school culture and spirit. Planner inserts are available to promote positive behavior and prevent bullying. Schools can even include their student handbook at a low cost! Whatever the specific needs, Success by Design can provide you with the best possible product.

Shipping Student Planners in Bulk
Schools can purchase several different student planners in certain quantities. Buying student planners in bulk lowers your overhead cost, and shipping is easy! Our bulk order shipping times are:

Within one to two business days for non-custom student planners.
Six to eight weeks for custom student planners.

Contact our customer service department for a specific shipping schedule and bulk order discounts.


Shop for Success

When you shop with Success by Design, you’re shopping for student success!

Success by Design offers a variety of custom and non-custom student planners in bulk to fit your campus culture as well as the individual cognitive and character needs of your students.

Buy student planners in bulk with confidence with our 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Contact our friendly customer service team online or at 844-263-0872 for a successful academic year!