Available only on orders with a total quantity of 100 or more.

Available only on orders with a total quantity of 100 or more.

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What Are the Benefits of Custom School Planners?

More and more schools are ordering personalized planner covers. These customized academic agenda planners highlight their campus culture, school spirit and district policies.

Success by Design offers several customizable options including planner covers, folders, inserts, accessories and more. Take this opportunity to invest in your school and students’ success.

Benefits of Custom Planners

When you order custom homework planners for your elementary, middle or high school, you invest in:

  • School Spirit: When you order a custom agenda planner cover from Success by Design, you order a planner full of campus pride. Pick one of our many sample cover layouts, where we’ll insert your school name, colors and mascot. You can choose from a variety of fonts and colors and even upload a personalized logo! This feature is available for all planner orders of 100 or more at a small additional cost, ensuring your school planner is distinguishable from all others and provides students with a sense of belonging.

  • Accessibility to Campus Rules and Safety Procedures: Every school year begins with the staff and students going over the campus handbook. Students are asked to read and take home the handbook, where it is promptly set aside, lost and forgotten. Take advantage of Success by Design’s custom homework planners and include your handbook in your planner! By doing so you, you guarantee students have daily access to school policies and procedures. When students can reference these policies, they stay informed and are less likely to break the rules. Plus, submitting your handbook for inclusion is easy!

  • Improved Interpersonal Behavior: Students who are informed about and proud of their campus often have less behavioral issues. High school students with custom agenda daybooks are more likely to see their peers and teachers as belonging to the same group, preventing social cliques. Custom middle school agenda books ensure students are held accountable for their actions during a time when they begin testing boundaries. Our custom elementary school homework planners provide the consistency and stability young learners need to thrive.

Custom planners are one of the easiest methods to model appropriate behavior and pride in your school. Give your students the tools and resources they need to succeed — only positive results can follow!

Customize Your Planners With Success by Design

Success by Design offers a variety of customizable options. We provide everything from custom high school spiral bound planners to custom assignment planners for elementary students and pre-teens. But, choosing the right option can be difficult.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the perfect planner, pick up the phone and contact our friendly customer service team at (844) 263-0872. Our knowledgeable staff will help you find the best possible product for your students!

These covers are available for custom orders only. 
Custom order quantities MUST TOTAL 100 or more.

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