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In the mid-to-late-teenage years, students begin to show increased reasoning and abstract thinking. This cognitive milestone allows them to start setting their own goals for adulthood and develop a stronger sense of self. Teens also must manage an increased workload, as they try to balance their courses with their personal and maybe even professional lives.

Success by Design offers two agenda planners to help high school teens organize their schedules while setting goals for their post-graduate careers. Purchasing on behalf of your school or district? Submit your order via the checkout feature and include your PO number (if applicable). You can also view our W-9 and Sole Source Letter here. If you have additional questions, our team is happy to help!

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High School Student Planners 

Assignment Planners for High School Students

These spiral bound student planners have durable covers and include quick reference education guides. Tailored to high school students’ specific cognitive stage, our daybook schedulers for young teens come in the following themes:

  • Life's Your Stage...Step it Up!: As teens begin to understand the consequences of their actions, they start making decisions based on their conscience. This printed high school student planner focuses on character development and exploring social issues facing today’s teenagers. Featuring a modern design and eye-catching colors, the Life's Your Stage..Step it Up! planner includes character content on every monthly spread. Each week, a character text provokes high school students into developing a better sense of who they are and what they can contribute. Its 5.25” x 8.25” size makes it easy to transport. The agenda also contains large, bright spaces for scheduling to ensure your high school student stays organized as they transition into adulthood.
  • Plan for Life: This compact high school homework planner focuses on college preparation. It has a sophisticated design with large planning areas for organizing, goal setting and much more! With weekly study and goal-planning tips, this full-color format makes it easy for teens to plan their schedules and organize their homework. A section dedicated to evening activities and appointments even gives them a space to manage their lives outside of school. The Plan for Life planner’s features can help your teen transform into the well-rounded, organized adult that colleges are looking for.

You can also tailor our affordable high school student planners to your specific school. Schools looking to buy assignment planners for high school students in quantities of 100 or more can customize their order to fit their school culture. Want the cover of your high school homework scheduler book to display your institution’s name, colors, mascot and motto? Choose from our many custom planner covers to boost school pride, or send us your own design! We also have inserts that can be added and you can include your school handbook at a low additional cost.

Designing Student Success, One High School Planner at a Time

More than anything else, high schoolers need to learn that success doesn’t happen by accident — you have to plan for it! With Success by Design’s printed planners, each high school student will learn how to better manage their obligations and time.

All our products come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll replace or refund your purchase. Simply pick up the phone and talk with our friendly customer service team by calling (844) 263-0872.