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STEM Student Planners

STEM Student Planners

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Helping your students stay organized is the key to a great school year. Keeping them engaged with content that builds their confidence and sparks their interest in future careers is integral to successful long-term education. Our STEM student planners can assist with both. 

These planners spark excitement about STEM — science, technology, engineering and mathematics — and encourage the development of skills and understanding of concepts. Our planners can introduce kids to STEM careers early, offering benefits like:

  • Getting them to think about the future and what they want to do. 
  • Showing them the long-term rewards of hard work. 
  • Helping them set goals. 
  • Introducing them to a growing field where there will be high demand for employees in the future. 

A STEM planner can help children gain confidence as they learn. The more kids understand, the better they can concentrate. As doors open to them, they will feel more comfortable with their skills and want to push themselves harder. 

Our planners can assist with this development. They help children keep track of new concepts and build their vocabulary. Planners can also help students track homework assignments and stay organized with everything from lab work to problem sets. 

We offer planners for every age level. Whether a child has recently received their first introduction to STEM or they're taking a high-level engineering course, our planners can assist them with staying on task and tracking their work. 


Our planners can help students in grades three through five track their assignments and activities. The pages focus on a new STEM concept each month to help kids build knowledge of different topics. Other features of the planner include: 

  • Question of the Week: Introducing questions about the monthly topic. 
  • STEM Designations: Focusing on subjects related to the monthly topic. 
  • STEMazing Fact: Noting a surprising fact about the monthly topic. 



Our middle school planners are aimed at kids in grades six through eight. These planners build on the information presented to elementary school students. They emphasize the importance of engagement and developing foundational knowledge of STEM concepts. Each school planner includes monthly featured topics as well as: 

  • Innovation section: Describing a particular innovation within the month's STEM theme . 
  • Career and job descriptions: Outlining STEM jobs related to the monthly theme. 
  • Just the Facts: Providing salary and educational requirements for careers. 


High School 

The STEM planner for students in grades nine through 12 offers a more sophisticated approach to topics. It also encourages efficient time management. These planners include sections like: 

  • What's It Take: Looking at the type of training needed for STEM careers. 
  • How About the Outlook: Citing the outlook for the profession in the coming years. 
  • An Interesting Note: Providing a QR code to scan that unlocks interactive elements. 


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