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Paper Notice

Dear Valued Customer,

As many of you are aware, there has been a global paper shortage since the pandemic started. Thankfully we have been able to secure adequate paper for our products, but our options have been severely limited. Because of the limited options, we had to switch to a different paper stock this year. Although it is a comparable weight and opacity as we’ve had in past years, we’re noticing a paper dust issue with this particular paper stock.

We are doing our best to combat this issue by cleaning our machines on a regular basis, but that only goes so far. Today we feel it necessary to notify you that your planners may arrive with paper dust on the outsides. Although this dust wipes away, we understand that it does not present our planners well. We strive for high quality and good presentation and know this issue doesn’t align with our high standards. We kindly ask for your graciousness and understanding as we deal with this issue. We hope to eliminate this issue when paper availability returns to normal.