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Tips to Make Lesson Planning Easier

Tips to Make Lesson Planning Easier
Lesson Plans – love them or hate them, they are a part of the job for teachers. They help you run your classroom, inform substitute teachers, and even keep your students focused. But, there’s one problem: they take hours to complete. Lucky for you, we have some advice for easier lesson planning!

How to Make a Lesson Plan - 7 Tips

1. Make an outline: Even the best plans can get off track, so have a basic outline to refer back to. It is important to be able to be spontaneous in the classroom, but having a plan makes sure that you, and your students, stay focused.

2. Make it fun: Your students will be more engaged if they are having fun and enjoying themselves. In fact, research by Judy Willis suggests that fun is not just beneficial to learning but, by many reports, required for authentic learning and long-term memory.

3. Use a Variety of Ideas: Incorporate different learning styles to help create a more dynamic lesson. Use a few different types of activities, ranging from written, listening and spoken exercises. This will keep your students from getting bored and keep it exciting for you, as well!

4. Take Notes: Take notice of what type of activities work well and what the students respond to, Knowing what works, and what doesn’t, will help you plan for future classes and save time.

5. Collaborate/ Use Online Resources: Take advantage of your colleagues and online resources. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. What you are looking to do has probably already been done. Talk to your colleagues to see what they can offer and don’t forget to take a look at Pinterest for a trove of ideas.

6. Don’t Over Plan: Some of the best lessons are learned through spontaneous moments. Let these teachable moments drive your lesson.

7. Use Planboard: Planboard is an app that helps teachers organize their classroom, create lesson plan templates, and even attach documents to each lesson so students to follow. Check it out. Lesson Planning doesn’t have to be a challenge. Our tips will allow you to spend more time relaxing and less time planning!

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