4 Time Management Tips for Students

4 Time Management Tips for Students

We are not born with time management skills. This is something that needs to be taught. Teaching children organizational skills is key to helping them succeed in school and life. Time management helps children to prioritize tasks, complete activities in a timely fashion, and learn to manage and stick to a schedule. Here are 4 essential time management tips kids can use to better their chances of success in school and later on in life.

4 Time Management Tips for Students

1. Use a Success By Design planner. In order to get work done and turned in on time, children need to have a place to write down their assignments, due dates, important information, and events. We have planners designed specifically for elementary students, middle school students and high school students.

2. Create a study zone that promotes focus. Find a good place to sit and study without the distraction of other people or electronics. Some people need silence and others focus better with music in the background. Find what works best for your child and provide that environment.

3. Schedule the time for homework, studying, and other activities. Most times, only due dates and assignments are written down in the student’s planner, leaving a lot of time unaccounted for. This gives a misleading sense of how much time is available to use for play, schoolwork, and other responsibilities. Help your child break down projects into pieces of work that can fit into 30-to-90-minute blocks of time, and schedule these in the calendar. It is also helpful to study at the same time each day so that it becomes a habit.

4. Exercise for a clear head. Believe it or not, exercise works in the same way sleep does. Make sure your child has time to “take a break” to clear their head. Exercise will pump them up and lift their energy level.

Time Management plays a major role in academic success and it is our goal at Success By Design to help. We know that it is the skill of organizing that helps many students learn. It is our dream that our planners are not simply places to put assignments, but a life-changing tool that is a foundation for student development. Learn more about us here!

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